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Hello! I'm Suzie, and I’ll be your teacher at Elevatest. I'm thrilled you've chosen to embark on this journey to elevate your English! Here's a bit about me:

From the heart of Ohio, US, I've absorbed the very soul of American culture and traditions, enriching my teaching philosophy with a deep understanding of the nuances of the English language and its usage essential for today's interconnected world.

With over two decades dedicated to teaching, I've crafted my teaching, nurturing thousands of minds through tailored private tutoring sessions, captivating group workshops, and inspiring classroom lessons in public schools.  This has proven invaluable for individuals aiming to enhance their English proficiency. 

Let's focus on the core issue: learning isn’t just about gaining English knowledge. Learning should be enjoyable and culturally enriching. At Elevatest, expect interactive lessons that bring English to life-an adventure worth embarking on!

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Let's Hear From My Clients

  • "My nephew LOVES Teacher Suzie! He has some behavioural issues but she is always so patient with him, and he's always excited for his classes with her. I really like that she uses practical examples too, like buying something from the store and making change, or making a recipe using fractions, etc. Her math classes are actually helping him with basic life skills, which is giving him a lot of confidence and initiative. 100% recommend!"

    Joslyn, CAN.

  • "As an education consultant, I’ve observed many teachers. Suzanne is an outstanding teacher because she cares deeply about her students and teaching. Beyond that, she has demonstrated the ability to break down complex content to each student’s learning style and abilities. She also has methods that make learning fun for her students."

    Michelle, US.

  • "I write this message to thank you for the effort in today's extra class! I want to tell you we are very happy with your work. Oscar is so motivated and every week he's so eager to meet you."

    Oscar’s mom, Poland.

  • "Children love this teacher in class, and there is a lot of interaction. The pace of the class is very good, the network is stable, and the atmosphere is lively."

    Amaya, China.

  • "She was the best helping my son learn. Showed patience in areas I had no patience. Really helped my son get on track with his classes. I still talk about her assistance to my friends whose kids are struggling."

    Mary, United States

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