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Two Brands, One Vision

Elevatest and Farmasi working together to help you become your best self.

Suzanne Sanford, the CEO of Elevatest, holding up a Farmasi beauty product
Meet Suzanne Sanford

The mastermind behind the Elevatest experience.

Suzanne Sanford is the visionary behind Elevatest, with more than 25 years of experience in the coaching, teaching, and sales industry. Designed by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs, Elevatest is her beauty and healthy lifestyle education brand ready to show you how to embrace your talents and build a successful business from home.

After searching for many years for the “right” tools to elevate people’s lives, Suzanne came across Farmasi. She immediately fell in love with the products and knew this was the company she wanted to work with to make her business thrive while helping others do the same.

Today, Suzanne is an entrepreneur and an expert consultant who partners with Farmasi to provide clients with the necessary tools, opportunities, and services to elevate their lives and fulfill their earning potential.

  • My greatest desire is to help you elevate how you look, feel, and think about yourself. Through the exceptional health & beauty, and wellness products I sell, and the English education resource information I share in my blog, videos, tweets, and other personal endeavors, I hope to encourage you to elevate your mindset and embrace your potential.”

    Sincerely, Suzanne.

What We Stand For
Passion, love, honesty, and dedication are the driving forces behind everything we do.
Superior Standards
All of Farmasi’ s products are made to European Standards, which means that they are prohibited from using over 1,300 known or suspected cancer-causing toxins.
Committed To Sustainability
Each of the incredible products is responsibly crafted, and each ingredient is ethically sourced. Reaffirming a true commitment to the environment.
No Middle Man
We do everything ourselves, from growing our ingredients to creating our packages and bottles. This allows us to reduce costs without compromising quality.
Caring For You 
Our commitment to you as a person extends beyond our products. We help you with your professional development by providing maximum earning opportunities while always maintaining affordable prices.
Your Inner Power, Re-Write Your Story
Be inspired, be be-YOU-tiful.
Suzanne using a beauty mirror
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We have the best and most ethical beauty, health, and wellness products at amazing and affordable prices.
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Become your own boss and build the business you want, for the life you deserve.
Unleash Your Potential
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Discover more about Elevatest and become inspired to achieve your beauty and business dreams.
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