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About Elevatest

Unparalleled English language expertise and support.

Suzanne Sanford, the CEO of Elevatest, holding up a learn English product
Meet Teacher Suzie

The mastermind behind the Elevatest experience.

Hello! I'm Elevatest, Teacher Suzie, your dedicated teacher.

We’ve come a long way, haven’t we?

What started 20+ years ago as a humble tutoring project flourished into an unstoppable community. I’ve helped thousands of clients across the globe improve their math and English skills to succeed on exams and achieve many other personal goals head-on.

Working with clients from Italy, France, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Qatar, UAE, UK, Bahrain, Germany, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, the US, China, Japan, Korea, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, and beyond, I've helped learners worldwide. They taught me as much as I taught them.

But you know what’s better than seeing your previously timid students speak English with undeniable confidence? or succeed in mathIt’s helping them reach their personal and professional goals in life!

That’s why I created Elevatest.

My Vision
As your teacher, I'm dedicated to assisting you in elevating your English skills, empowering your English journey, and unlocking endless opportunities for personal and professional growth with tailored guidance and exceptional resources.
 Sincerely,Teacher Suzie
Why Choose Elevatest
Dedication, professionalism, love, and passion are the driving forces behind everything
✓ The Ohio State University,
Bachelor of Science

✓ University of Phoenix,
Continuing Education

✓ University of San Diego,
Continuing Education

✓ Math(7-12, Active)



✓ Business English

✓ Accredited by the National Virtual Teacher Association.
✓ Highly qualified teacher

✓ Dynamic teaching methods

✓ Diverse curriculum

✓ Engaging learning 

✓ Modern resources and technology
✓ Modern teaching methods

✓ Engaging & enjoyable

✓ Interactive approaches

✓ Culturally enriching

✓ Modern resources & technology
....All tailored with ♥️!
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