A Simple and Fast Way to Longer Fuller Eyebrows & Eyelashes!

March 2, 2021

Are you over tweezing? Or did you over tweeze in the past? Would you like fuller eyebrows?

When I was younger, I plucked my eyebrows a lot until one day I realized I wanted them fuller. LOL  I tried other things but nothing worked for me until the beginning of January 2021 when I started using this amazing serum!!  Why is it so amazing! Well, manufactured to European standards, it is FREE of 1300 cancer causing toxins unlike many of the other serums/products on the market. This serum is manufactured with organically grown products in Istanbul, Turkey.
I heard amazing things about the FARMASi capixyl eyelash and eyebrow serum so I had to personally test it myself to give it a proper review! So here is a picture of my eyelashes and eyebrows before and after I started to use the serum. The top pic is a close up from October 2020 and the bottom one is from February 20,2021. The one from March was the best one I could find that was really closeup. However, it is not when I started using it😉
My lashes are much longer and my eyebrows are fuller as well.  I would definitely recommend this to everyone! I also recommend FARMASi’s amazing eye lash curler for only $5.90 as I LOVE how it curled my lashes in the bottom picture with such ease!
If you would like fuller, longer eyelashes & eyebrows, contact me. I am happy to help you!
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