Adopt a Teacher Program 2020

August 10, 2020

Adopt a Teacher Program 2020

The school year is approaching very quickly. As a teacher myself, I could not imagine the feelings our brick and mortar teachers are going through as they prepare for another school year with the Corona virus. Perhaps this is the first time some parents will be teachers as they home school their children for the first time to protect their children and family from COVID.  As a teacher and a parent who home schooled my daughter, my heart goes out to all of the teachers. I understand how overwhelming it can be to start a new school year. Then add COVID into the picture! I really can’t even begin to imagine the feelings of all our different types of teachers are going through right now. Let’s work together to elevate a teacher this fall by adopting a teacher! Many teachers are nervous about going back to school this year with COVID still strong in the United States. Let’s spread the love for all our hardworking teachers.(female teachers, male teachers, and home school teachers) It is challenging times for our teachers.

Sponsor a teacher for $20-$75 and they will receive goodies from me. (HIS/HERS) Currently valid only in the US. If you would like a sponsor a teacher for more, we can discuss that over the phone.

Please fill out the newsletter form below to sponsor a teacher. I will personally reach out to you within the next 24 hours for your credit card information. 

 The following products listed below are seen from left to right if you would like to choose from those products. However, you can select products in the catalog as well if you would like to give your sponsored teacher something different with a special touch to it. We provide an abundance of products from nails, cleaning supplies, mascaras, fragrances, cosmetics, cleansers, men’s products, travel size products for the teachers to take to work, and so much more. If you would like to add a fingernail kit to your order, please click here. I am happy to accommodate to your needs and desires!

HERS: Tea Tree Hand Soap, Aloe Lotion, Multipurpose Cleaner, ZEN Mascara, Purse Size Tea Tree Toothpaste, Liquid Lipstick, Calendula Hand Cream.) HIS: Shield Man Body Soap, Tea Tree Hand Soap, Shield Man Body Wash Liquid, Multipurpose Cleaner, Shield Man Shaving Foam, Tea Tree Travel Size Toothpaste.

I sincerely hope and desire working together on this program will elevate how teachers feel about going back to school this year!!

Much Love,

Suzanne Sanford

CEO & Founder of Elevatest


Browse the catalog for your goodie package if you want something different than any of the products in the youtube video.

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