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ESL Grammar: 16 Different English Verb Tenses

February 16, 2022

How well do you know the 16 English verb tenses?

Why is it important to know the verb tenses in ESL Grammar?

First of all, the verb tenses are important to know to speak English fluently, like a native. Furthermore, it is important to know the tenses to get an English speaking job in an English speaking company or to live in an English speaking country.

In addition, knowing the verb tenses helps you to express when something happened and to make connections between two or more periods of time when you are communicating in English. Hence, effective and clear communication is dependent on expressing oneself orally or in written English.

According to Cambridge English dictionary,  tense means

any of the forms of a verb which show the time at which an action happened:
"I sing" is in the present tense and "I sang" is in the past tense.
 More examples
  • How do you say that in the future tense?
  • Add -ed to all these verbs to put them in the past tense.
Finally, some very important questions to ask are: Which tenses do you know already? Which ones don't you know? Would you like to know how you can improve your English verb tenses? Which ones are you excelling at? Which ones do you need to improve at? Today I am happy to provide you with a free cheatsheet to help you learn these tenses. Click on the link below to download 16 different English Verb Cheatsheet, which includes signal words for each verb tense as well as, examples in the affirmative, negative and interrogative.

FREE 16 Different English Verbs Tenses 


Also, I have included some other helpful English verb resources for you:


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First, here is a winter verb video to help you.

Second, here are some breakfast verbs to help you.


Lastly, here is a mini verb challenge for you:






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