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CE15 Bakuchiol Firming Oil

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KEY ALLIES: 10% Vitamin C, 5% Vitamin E, 1% Bakuchiol, Coenzyme Q10, 11 Oils
BENEFITS: Firms, intensely recovers, brightens


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Five years and 78 revisions in the making, CE15 Bakuchiol Firming Oil is the perfect blend of 22 clinical actives and 9 nutrient-rich oils. Our sought-after ingredients are combined at peak potency and deliver intensive skin recovery and deep-firming power with every drop.

Product information
If you’ve ever wanted to experiment with face oils but didn’t know where to start, this is the one to do it with. Curated for deep-firming power, a facial-fresh complexion, and long-wear moisture, our CE15 Bakuchiol Firming Oil is a highly potent formula designed to be extremely effective.

This formula delivers key actives in a base of 9 nutrient-rich oils, carefully extracted to preserve the quality of their fatty acids and bioactive compounds.

Infused with youth-activating Vitamin C* and Bakuchiol**, as well as Antioxidant-rich Vitamin E and CoEnzyme Q10, this treatment oil offers your complexion a brighter, firmer-looking appearance.

Our Firming Oil packs extra strength when it comes to skin recovery. 3% Renovage™ (Teprenone) is a cutting-edge complex proven to restore younger-looking skin and improve hydration by 34% in 4 weeks***. It’s supported by sustainably sourced Physalis Angulata Extract, a moisture-retention booster that reduces TEWL (transepidermal water loss) by 21% in over 5 days ****.

CE15 Bakuchiol Firming Oil has an indulgent texture that absorbs quickly and deeply into the skin, giving it the ability to retain extra nutrients.

The result is a face oil packed with biologically-active properties, the ultimate recovery formula for all skin types.

* Helps diminish age spots according to BV-OSC in vivo efficacy test results of 16 weeks with 10 participants.

** Clinically proven to provide a 10% reduction in wrinkle depth and skin roughness in under 8 weeks, according to Sytenol A in vivo efficacy test results of 16 participants in 12 weeks.

*** According to Renovage™ in vivo efficacy test results of 6 months with 24 participants.

****According to Physavie in vivo efficacy study results of 33 participants after 5 days of use.

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