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Welcome to your English Idioms quiz

"I'm sorry, I can't make it to the party tonight. I'm feeling under the weather." This idiom means that the speaker is:

"She always speaks her mind, even if it means stepping on someone's toes." In this idiom, "stepping on someone's toes" means

"He's a real bookworm; you'll always find him buried in a book." The idiom "bookworm" refers to someone who:

"The new supervisor seems to have a chip on his shoulder." In this idiom, "a chip on his shoulder" means that the supervisor:

"She finally spilled the beans about the surprise party." In this idiom, "spilled the beans" means that she:

Sarah is feeling nervous about her upcoming job interview. Which idiom best describes Sarah's feelings?

Which of the following situations may require someone to "bite the bullet"?

What is the meaning of the phrase "bite the bullet"?

"It's raining cats and dogs" means

"Break a leg" is an idiom commonly used to

When Jake lost his job, he felt like he was ________.

Sarah's speech was so captivating that she really ________ the audience.

It's important to ________ before making a big decision.

Break a leg! means

Advanced: Jennifer was feeling under the weather, but she didn't want to miss her best friend's party. She decided to attend, even though she knew she might not enjoy it as much as she usually does. What does "under the weather" mean in this passage?

Advanced: John and Emily had a heated argument last night, but they both realized that it was just a storm in a teacup. They quickly resolved their differences and apologized to each other. What does "a storm in a teacup" mean in this passage?