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Welcome to your phrasal verbs with come exercises

What time will you ___________ my house

She really ______ ________ for the team.

Don't worry the stain will _____ ___.

I did not see a taxi for 15 minutes but then five _______ _______ all at once.

It _______ ________ at the seam.

If the truth _______ _____, she will lose her job.

You want to _______ _______. It will be fun.

I hope he ______ ________ the surgery with no complications.

We ______ ________ the most beautiful painting.

When will they _____________?

Poor guy! He _____ _____ with COVID.

She ______ _____ with an amazing idea!

I was planning a surprise party but I don't know if it will _______ _____ as I would like.

Something ______ ______ and we had to change our plans at the last minute.

I've got to _______ ________ ________ a decision real soon.