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10 Ways to Get Paid Working At Home With FARMASi in 2022

June 7, 2021

Here's another English speaking work from home job opportunity if you would you like a little extra cash for...

a special vacation?

To pay off a bill?

Buy a new car?

Here are 10 ways to get paid selling products for the entire family with FARMASi in 2021. You can sell cleaning supplies, baby products, foot care, makeup, and/or personal care accessories and make 50% commission!!

Here is a sampling of some of the products.

1. Earn free products and money during your 1st 4 months with FARMASi.

2. Retail profit: Earn 50% of the retail cost on all products when you sell products to your customers.

3. Online Customer Bonus: Earn 50% of the sales transaction from your online store which is FREE when you sell FARMASi products.

Now if you would like to go beyond the retail commissions of selling FARMASi's products, here are the different ways you can make money.

4. Team Building Bonus: Receive a team building bonus of $20.00 USD for every  personally sponsored ACTIVE Beauty Influencer*BI's) you sponsor. ACTIVE means that they have $125 personal volume(PV). ($1 US = 1PV)

5. Personal Commission Bonus:  Earn up to 25% commission on your personal volume(PV).

6. Group Bonus: You earn a group bonus on every beauty influencer you personally sponsor.

7. Leadership Bonus:  You can earn up to 6 generations on your personally sponsored BI's(Beauty Influencer) who have a bonus level of 18%, 22%, 25%.

8. Car Allowance When you receive Golden director, receive a  monthly car/travel allowance.

9. Cash Bonus:  When you reach director level, receive a $1000 cash bonus. (This amount could change after the publish date of the post)

10. Unforgettable Experiences:  When you receive Golden Director, you will be invited to travel with FARMASi to amazing destinations.

Would you like to learn more about FARMASi? Please read more about the opportunity here.  

Here is a sampling of some of the products.

(*FARMASi may change policies/reward programs after this post is published)

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