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10 ways to thank the special men in your life

June 4, 2021

Ever want to show that special man you care, but need a few ideas?! Whether it be your dad, husband, friend, brother, coworker, they all love to feel appreciated. Here are a few great gift ideas for your special loved one!

An amino acid complex face and body bar of soap for only $5.90. The  unique formula enriched with Amino Acid Complex will cleans your  special man's skin and help moisturize it. With its rich foam and energetic scent, it offers you a purified and refreshed skin feeling. After using the soap, your special man can finish with his own face and eye cream for only $12.90 made to European standards with 1300 less toxins than other leading soaps and eye creams.  Who says a man doesn't need to moisture his face too! 😉 He'll love you for it.


Shield Man Shaving Foam is an extra soft, dense and creamy foam giving more comfort and precision while shaving. With its Allantoin and Aloe Vera enriched formula, helps to improves razor glide and protect against micro cuts and shave irritations. Suitable for all skin types.  only $9.90


 Have you ever thought about buying him a special shampoo formulated just for men? This unique shampoo derives its strength from the Amino Acid Complex which gently and effectively cleans the hair, while giving it softness and shine. Suitable for all hair types. only $10.90


Then we have a specially developed mustache and beard oil to condition, soften moustache and beard while hydrating and soothing skin. Contains Almond Oil and Vitamin E that helps to nourish the beard. Calendula Oil helps to prevent irritation and dryness on skin. $16.90



If you would like to go all out, you can buy a few products together and buy them a few things together. For example Buy them a "King of the Grill" bundle kit for only $54.90 or make your own bundle of products for him.


Or spend $20.00 to buy a male kit as in the picture below and you can receive all of his and your  beauty and skincare, home cleaning products at 50% off. To learn more about this special opportunity, click here.



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