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5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Cleansing Sponge?

August 28, 2020

Which one do you prefer? A wash cloth, cleansing sponge, your hands, a foam shower ball, or a cleansing brush? I personally prefer a wash cloth or a cleansing sponge. However, recently, I fell in love with a miracle cleansing sponge! Just as makeup blending sponges are very popular, cleansing sponges are gaining popularity for cleansing the face and the body.

5 reasons to use a cleansing sponge

In my opinion, the main reason why cleansing sponges are gaining popularity:

  1. A cleansing sponge is a cleaner way to clean the skin for clearer skin. What do I mean? The fibers in a sponge help unclog blocked pores on your body that a wash cloth or your hands can't possibly do while gently exfoliating the skin.
  2. They do an excellent job removing makeup, oil, dirt and clean pores! In addition,
  3. Cleansing sponges are relatively cheap!  In addition,
  4. The flat surface of the sponge makes it easier to clean dead cells and dirt around your nostrils that your hands can't reach very well.
  5. It is also noteworthy that they can be used with any skin type at a very affordable price!

An alternative to cleansing sponges is cleansing brushes. The ultra-soft bristles mildly and gently, yet effectively, remove impurities and leave your skin feeling thoroughly cleansed. Although, it will cleanse your face better than your hands alone, it is battery operated so batteries have to be replaced frequently. In addition, the handle and bristles need to be washed or replaced with a replacement head. I personally prefer the cleansing sponge! It is small & compact for traveling and easy to clean. If you prefer the cleansing brush, calendula face cleansers is a great product to use with a cleansing brush. Calendula facial cleansers, enriched with Calendula oil, deeply cleanses away dirt, oil, impurities and makeup. Additionally, it purifies the skin without over drying it.





Soaps to use with the cleansing sponge for men, women, and children.

1. Dr Squatch All Natural Bar Soap for Men


Dr. Squatch All Natural Bar Soap for Men, 3 Bar Variety Pack, Pine Tar, Cedar Citrus and Bay Rum

2.There are many benefits of using the Calendula Oil Skincare Line with the cleansing sponge or a cleaning brush.


3. Both the Tea Tree Product Line and Calendula Oil Skincare Line are free of 1300 cancer causing chemicals unlike the Anew Cleansing Gel. Tea Tree Oil Serum, not only  eliminate the appearance of skin imperfections and provide a smooth skin, but also acts as a skin repellent.


4. One major benefit of using the Pearl Powder soap with a cleansing sponge is that it really helps collagen regenerate. Hence, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while using 1300 less cancer causing chemicals than other major skincare brands. Another product, infused with paeonol, that diminishes wrinkles and improve the appearance of skin texture, tone and clarity is the Isa Knox Anew LX Ultimate Rejuvenating Day Cream. In comparing the two, in my opinion, the main advantage of the Pearl Powder soap over the Day Cream is its cost of $7.90 to the Isa Knox Anew LX Day Cream costs $39.99. In addition, the Pearl Powder is made to European Standards.


5. The next in our skincare line to be discussed is the Garlic and Gingseng soap, free of 1300 cancer causing toxins. It has amazing benefits such as improving blood circulation which aids in production of collagen. Therefore, a huge benefit is the anti-aging effect and improvement of elasticity this soap can have for its users!

6. Rose Water really helps to maintain our skin's PH balance in addition to controlling excess oil. Like the Garlic and Ginger soap, the Rose Water Soap also has anti-aging benefits.

While the Dr. C Tuna skincare soap line has European standards of 1300 cancer causing chemicals, the prices are very affordable. The Dr C. Tuna Soaps mentioned in this article, are only $5.90! Affordable and less toxins to help you elevate your best each day!

Can't decide which soap to buy? Here is the perfect solution for you! An affordable 4 pack mini bar soap set with European Standards to keep you feeling your best! It includes:

5 pieces of Calendula Soap(2.65 oz total)

5 pieces of Tea Tree Soap(2.65 oz total)

5 pieces of Pure Rose Soap(2.65 oz total)

5 pieces of Pearl Powder Soap(2.65 oz total)

Don't forget your moisturizers after using your soap and sponge. We will discuss moisturizers more in depth in another article.

If you need assistance finding the perfect soap and skin care solution for your skin, please contact me for a private consultation.

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