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Elevating Creativity at Work... Featuring HipCat Society

August 10, 2020

Mary Lou Cook, an actress, singer, and dancer, once said, "Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun."

Creativity at work certainly has many benefits!

  • Working together as a team requires communication skills, interpersonal skills, knowledge sharing and strategy. However, when employees work together closely towards a common goal or problem, creativity at work boosts collaboration!
  • When employees are allowed to express their creativity at work freely, it maintains the unity of a company as employees are more likely to remain at a company for a longer period of time because they are content!
  • Creativity at work also boosts productivity.
  • It reduces stress when coworkers can express their creativity in a positive and nurturing way.
  • Creativity also increases problem solving skills because employees and coworkers feel comfortable expressing their thoughts, feelings and viewpoints to get tasks done!
  • It also enables employees to find the success in a possible failure.

If there is one company that epitomizes what Mary Lou Cook said, It is Roadside Multimedia in Marysville, Washington! Well, they don't breaking rules. They just break through all barriers to succeed! They have truly benefited from putting creativity to work. With over 20 years experience in Digital Marketing, Roadside Multimedia quickly put creativity to work to help small business owners to succeed during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Shannon Mackey, Co-Founder and Head Cheerleader, said "Roadside has been in business since 1999, before Google was even a verb!" With that vast experience, knowledge, passion for digital marketing,  sincere concern for small business owners, they quickly developed another brand, HIPCAT Society, to solve small business owner's challenges during COVID-19 by developing EXPRESS websites!

Meet the Dynamic Duo, Shannon, and her son, Dominique!

Check out a few of the amazing EXPRESS websites they made for small business owners! Click on the sites to see the exceptional creativity at work!

If you need a website, get it done with HIPCAT!!

Are you putting creativity to work? We would love to hear your story! Who knows you may be our next featured!!!


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