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20 Must Know English Winter Comfort Foods to Speak English Fluently

December 8, 2021

Winter is fast approaching and most of us crave delicious heartwarming food to prepare during the winter months.

Here are two different videos to help you to learn how to pronounce winter English comfort foods for United Kingdom and North America.



Here is a slower version of the UK Youtube video.


After watching these videos, you may want to get busy cooking some English foods!  Would you like to elevate your English in the kitchen? These may be just what you need to practice reading in English and at the same time, cooking a delicious winter meal.

Don't know how to make the British and North American dishes? Here are 8 different English COOKBOOKS to assist you with reading English and elevating your cooking of English comfort food from Great Britain, Canada, and the United States. Click on the books or links to start today.

1.The Great British Baking Show: A Bake for All Seasons


2. Great British Cooking: A Well-kept Secret


3. The British Table: A New Look at the Traditional Cooking of England, Scotland, and Wales



4. The American Table: Classic Comfort Food from Across the Country

5. Canadian Living: The Ultimate Cookbook


6. Easy Canadian Cookbook: Authentic Canadian Cooking




7. The Soup Sisters Cookbook: 100 Simple Recipes to Warm Hearts . . . One Bowl at a Time

The Soup Sisters Cookbook, compiled by some of the most famous Canadian chefs, looks amazing for winter comfort foods. Canada's top celebrity chefs--including Michael Stadtlander, Bonnie Stern, Lucy Waverman, Massimo Capra, Anna Olson, Michael Bonacini and Elizabeth Baird. With 100 recipes arranged by season, The Soup Sisters Cookbook is certain to appeal to soup-lovers everywhere!


8.Quintessentially Quebec Recipes: Learn to Cook like French Canadians Do!



These are only a few of the amazing cookbooks available to assist you with your English. Check out more COOKBOOKS here for more scrumptious recipes from the United States, Canada, and Great Britain. I hope these assist you in elevating your English while elevating your cooking English food!


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