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solving two step and multi step equations worksheet

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  • Two-step equations and multi-step equations are algebraic equations that require two or more steps to solve for the unknown variable. The basic structure of a two-step equation involves two operations performed on the variable. Here's a general form of 2 step equations:  Here, , , and are constants, and is the variable you're trying to solve for.
  • 2 step equations worksheet with answers and multi-step equations can be used with 7,8,9,10,11,12 grades depending on level of students in your class.
  • A great worksheet to review two-step equations and multi-step equations.
  • Looking for only 2-step equations? Click for 2-step equations only: solving two-step equations worksheet doc?
  • Need help solving 2 step equations? Click here for a free lesson.
  • Before solving 2-step equations and multi-step equations, students must know how to combine like terms. If your students and/or children are having a difficult time solving equations, combining like terms is one problem area. combining like terms worksheet with answers to practice


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