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How to Get your Baby to Sleep through the Night


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How to Get your Baby to Sleep through the Night

The handbook for all overtired parents

Completely overwhelmed by the mass of contradictory advice, I consulted with a renowned expert on sleep. Then this is a must have! 

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His speciality? The process of sleep for newborns and infants

Well, to be completely honest, it was actually my husband who led me to this idea initially...

An old college friend of his knew this sleeping expert personally. And this specialist just recently published several new studies - with in some cases extraordinary results.

His fee for a three hour consultation was not low at all, but I was so determined to find a working and reliable method for falling asleep that I went for it anyway...

After a few emails and phone calls we arranged an appointment for a consultation and I showed him all my notes I collected so far - and of course asked a lot of questions.

He praised my stock of knowledge on the topic which I naturally found very flattering 🙂

However, he quickly told me that I completely missed several crucial aspects of the matter...

Eventually, we talked for far more than the initially arranged 3 hours and I felt like having an epiphany every 5 minutes.

He shared information and other practical advice with me which I have never encountered in any book or other sources (including the internet) before.

At the end of the consultation my notebook had grown again, this time by a lot of new pages, and I couldn't wait to test my new knowledge in the real world!

Once I was at home, I quickly started with the new "sleeping protocol".

I knew of course that I shouldn't expect any results overnight, however I had already noticed in the same night that Martina was much calmer than before!

But the biggest surprise was: Within days, Martina could fall asleep completely independently!

I was completely overwhelmed by pure joy and also felt a great deal of relief!

She finally could fall asleep without any problems and also only rarely woke up during the night.

But after I caught up on some sleep for several days, I asked myself:

Maybe this all happened by pure chance?

Thankfully, I had the ideal preconditions to test my new method with more children than just my own Martina...and that's when I informed the parents of my day care center.

I summarized all my notes, processes and methods in an easy-to-follow guide and handed it to several of the parents of whom I knew that they had to deal with the same problems I had every day!

Already after about a week, I received countless of calls and mails from parents who applied my technique

Customer Reviews

Nearly all of the parents who received my system reported a similar success to the one I had with Martina!

The consultation fees for the sleeping expert easily exceeded $1,300.

Because of this I want you to offer my digital system at an extremely fair price point to cover my own expenses.

In the beginning, I offered my complete method for an all-in price of $129.99 (and there were many families telling me that it was worth every single penny).

However, I realized over time that parents with a limited budget were scared away by the price which of course was never my intention.

That's why I offer you today my complete digital system for a one-time only $129.99 $27


Does your sleeping system really work for every child?

So far we actually had a really impressive success rate. Admittedly, there were some cases where it took a bit longer for noticeable improvements (around 2 weeks), but an instance in which the system did not work at all is unknown to me at this time. And just to be clear: In the unlikely event of you not having the desired results with my sleeping system, you can make use of the unconditional 100% Money back guarantee.

What's the best age for your sleeping program?

I generally recommend my sleeping program to all parents who have children aged between 0 and 36 months. For babies younger than 3 months the progress usually is a bit slower but you can use this time as an effective preparation period for later on.

How long will it take until my child finally falls asleep on its own?

The vast majority of the families working with me see first big improvements between 3 and 12 days after having started with the sleeping system. Making a general statement however is fairly difficult since of course every child is unique. In case you do not make any progress, you can send me an email at any time!

What's the difference between your system and all the other guides and books?

During my research I read every book I could find on the topic of "baby sleep" and evaluated the contents and practical value of them. The biggest weaknesses were in almost all cases the lack of flexibility of the various tips and strategies (since not every strategy works for every child!) as well as the outdated nature of the content. Most of the books I read (plus countless tips on the internet) were simply heavily outdated and couldn't be effectively applied in today's world.

How exactly does the Money back guarantee work?

As described above, you can make use of the 100% full Money back guarantee within 30 days of your purchase in case you are unhappy with my sleeping system or didn't see the desired results. No questions asked!

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